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Periodic Table

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Our core features

  1. Huge amount of information

    We have collected a huge amount of diverse information about chemical elements in one application. More than 75 chemical, physical, thermodynamic and other properties

    • Photos of chemical elements
    • Animated electronic shell
    • Electron configuration
    • Emission spectrum
      and more...
  2. Powerful atomic mass calculator

    Simple and fast calculator for calculating molar mass, convenient input of formulas of any complexity

    • H2SO4 = 98.078 (g/mol)
    • CuSO4 = 159.6 (g/mol)
    • H2O = 18.015 (g/mol)
  3. Interactive tables

    Instantly receive a wide range of advanced tables. These will help:

    • Electronegativity
    • Polyaromatic carbons
    • Electron shell
    • Solubility table
      and more...
and other...

Periodic Table

Periodic Table is an application that has over 7,000,000 downloads. The table has an expanded form, approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

In addition to the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, there are many more interesting things:

  • 127 chemical elements
  • Powerful search engine
  • Beautiful user interface
  • A huge amount of information
  • A collection of over 3200 isotopes
  • 13 interactive tables